How to get the most out of lawyer conferences

I met with one of my business coaches a while back (external accountability for the WIN). We talked a lot about ways I can grow my business, and there was one thing he said that I didn’t quite agree with.

               Quit wasting all your time on all those 3-day conferences!

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Are you a good friend?

When I was a kid I used to love being pen pals. I’d go to summer camp, make loads of new friends and then write letters to them all year long. Something reminded me of this the other day and I wondered what happened to my pen pals. At some point I guess we just quit writing each other. 🙁 I blame high school and hormones.

But lately I’ve been thinking more and more about what it means to be a good friend and how we can show up for each other.

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Leverage social media as part of your marketing strategy (and make it look easy)

Are you on Twitter? (If the answer is no, WHY NOT? So much fun #lawtwitter #legaltech – check it out!).

A ton of people might think “lawyers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…doesn’t seem like a good match, tbh.” That’s probably because they’re thinking about the SUPER stereotypically bad lawyer social media ads, which are usually just different combinations of the words “tough,” “fair,” and “advocate.” (You can see my thoughts about the pitfalls from lawyers on social media here on Lawyerist😉) Most lawyer social media is like a tiny billboard in 140 characters. Yuck.

But, if you do it right, social media can definitely help make your lawyer life better, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

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2 Ways to Delegate Without Hiring Staff at Your Small Law Firm

Lawyers tend to glorify being busy. I mean, don’t lie. You hear these things ALL the time:

“I’ve been in back to back meetings since 9:00 am. I didn’t even have time to stop for lunch!”

“I’m on my fifth cup of coffee. I was at the office until 1:00 am last night.”

“I hope I can make it home before my kid’s bedtime tonight.”

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How to be better at Twitter

Sometimes my lawyer friends will give me a compliment about being good at Twitter. Ahhh, that’s sweet! <3

But the truth is, I put less than ten minutes a day into it. Maybe even less than five. And not even everyday all the time… I don’t even have all that many followers. I mean, by most objective criteria, I’m actually pretty shitty at Twitter, LOL.

So, I want to explain how you can be as good (or bad) at Twitter as I am. The thing is, most lawyers struggle with social media, so I guess I’m good at it compared to the masses! Ha!

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How I Created my Award-Winning Website

In February of 2017 I got a tweet in the middle of the night congratulating me on my firm’s website making the Lawyerist 10 Best Law Firm Websites of 2017. I was completely surprised and delighted.

Unlike a lot of law firm websites, I didn’t spend thousands and thousands of dollars, and I didn’t hire a company to do the whole thing from start to finish. That’s because I didn’t want a website like most other law firms’ sites. We all know what they look like – minimal graphics, one headshot for the attorney, and a whole lotta beige. I wanted a website that actually conveyed my personality and spoke directly to my ideal clients. So, that’s what I made.

Do you want to do the same? Read on to find out how I created my website.

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